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MORE yuletide.

I also wrote something(s) for yuletide!

Le meilleur de tous les mondes (AO3 link)

Pan Am
Colette Valois, Kate Cameron, Laura Cameron, Maggie Ryan (Colette/Kate if you squint)
Rating: Gen
Words: 3010
Assignment written for a 'what happens post-canon' request.

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Cease and Resist (Double Jeopardy Remix) (AO3 link)

Mean Girls
Janis Ian/Regina George
Rating: Explicit (Gen for the 8th grade parts of the fic)
Words: 4007
Pinch-hit written for a request for backstory on why Regina thought Janis was a lesbian.

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@ winter wonderland

Luckiest yuletider

I saw my request go out on the pinch hit list right before the default and I was a little nervous because I still didn't have a story until just before the very last pinch hit deadline... when four, FOUR full length stories appeared within a few minutes of each other.

And what is even better than getting multiple fics? Getting multiple incredibly well done fics. These authors all did a really extraordinary job of taking my prompts and writing stories that I really wanted to see in these fandoms. One in Mad Men and three in Snow White and the Huntsman. (Yes, all of the Snow/Ravenna fics written for yultide were for me. As I said, luckiest yuletider...)

the heart a hollow plane
Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)
Ravenna/Snow White
Rating: Explicit
Words: 2785
Snow adapts the corruption Ravenna implanted into vices befitting a queen.

This fic follows the progression of the movie, but expands on the layers of the relationship between Ravenna and Snow. The dynamic is explicit here, but the characterization is so good that it feels like a natural extension of the movie. The writing is wonderful and matches the movie's tone so well. It's also hot, and conflicted and everything you (if you are like me) felt like the movie was heading toward.

Darkness Falls
Snow White and the Huntsman (2012),
Ravenna/Snow White, Snow White/The Huntsman
Rating: Teen
Words: 2785
Snow thinks she's in love but in the end love doesn't matter. She needs more strength than that.

Set after the movie, this fic deals with how Snow rebuilds her kingdom and shapes herself in the process. There's a neat thread of connection between the landscape and the buildings that shape Snow's past and her attempts at moving the kingdom forward. This contrasts really well with how Ravenna lingers in her mind and in some of her decisions.

Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)
Ravenna/Snow White
Rating: Explicit
Words: 2785
Bathed in blood, all birds are of a feather.

Ravenna's self reflection on her past and how her relationship with Snow fits within it. I am trying very hard to resist just quoting the entire thing at you, because the writing is phenomenal and so, so very Ravenna. The author captured her exacting but also incredibly skewed and bitter self-awareness painfully well.

the seas will split
Mad Men
Betty Draper, Joan Holloway
Rating: Gen
Words: 1081
Like mother, like daughter.

The snippets of backstory this fic provides for both Joan and Betty fit so well with each woman's character development and personality that I've completely adopted them as head!canon. The author also capitalizes beautifully and subtley on all the potential held in a chance encounter between these two very distinct female characters. Joan's reaction to Betty is so in character and the voices are absolutely perfect. This fic is an excellent example of how quietly charged and telling interactions
between these women could be and it fills what's always been a big hole in canon for me.

The stories were all so smart and well written that I felt like I needed to hold it together and give actual details in their thank yous and these recs, but it was hard.
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tlw: boozerella

Helena Peabody: Pirate Queen

Man, has tumblr/twitter/all the rest of the internet that I don't understand pulled everyone away from livejournal, or have I just been away so long that half of the comms I watched went dead?

In an attempt to recover from end of semester mania I spent today making soup and cookies and catching up on Once Upon A Time. I am pretty excited about this season thus far.

I love the four heroines tramping around in Fairytale Land and would kind of like for them to stay there and have their own adventures for the whole season, even though I know that isn't going to happen. I can dream. Red getting Belle the library gig. I just. I want to squish them. I continue to not get the Chraming thing. At all.

Most importantly, Rachel Shelley played a pirate. A pirate. Who went off on adventures and had a sword and a very swashbuckle-y outfit. And this is canon. I... I don't think I will ever be able to deal with this.
Honestly, I have a whole lot of feelings about this character and I was shocked by how nasty fandom's reaction to her was. But I also cannot understand the interest in Rumplestilskin that most people seem to have, so. That's probably part of it. Bottom line is that this character needs to come baaaack.
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(no subject)

Dear Yuletide author,

I am very sorry, I may have panicked and given you far too much information. Most importantly, I will be extremely excited about your story as long as it isn't "X female character is locked in a tower where she sulks until a galant prince rescues her". Even then, swap in a princess for the prince and we'd probably be all good. :)
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

You are wonderful! [Cue high fives, glitter cannons etc] Thank you, thank you, thank for contributing to one of my very favorite things about the holidays! There will be more info here shortly (Sunday!), but rest assured I will be overjoyed with pretty much anything you write with these characters. YAY YOU.

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lost: i know a girl

Fic: Between the lines (mind the gap); Lost; Kate/Claire; PG-13

Title: Between the lines (mind the gap)
Pairing: Kate/Claire, appearance by Sawyer
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Spoilers: Whole series
Wordcount: ~2,300
Notes: Written for [info]irishunicorn03 during the Lost Ho Ho Ho at [info]lostsquee
Prompts used: Claire slowly going crazy in the jungle; Kate on the run; Claire raising Aaron (with or without Kate).

(And if she sees a few things that aren’t really there, well, it isn’t like there is anyone around to blame her.)

tlw: my lover cindi

english muffin.

In which Rachel Shelley (Helena Peabody on The L Word) plays air guitar, sips tea, head bangs, sips tea, lip syncs to a song she doesn't know all the words to, sips tea and does some kind of interpretive dance. And also is adorable.

All my favorites are silly.